What Should You Wear to Your First Yoga Class?

You’ve finally committed to attend a class at your local yoga studio. Maybe you’ve practiced at home for years, or perhaps this is your very first time on the yoga mat. Selecting the right outfit to wear to a physical yoga class can be a challenge for the first-time or beginner yogis. There’s a lot of pressure to conform to the fashion standards set by magazines and your local trends.

How Do You Know What’s Appropriate For Your First Class?

The most important thing to know about dressing for your first yoga class is to wear something you will feel comfortable in. You should be both physically and emotionally comfortable with exposing yourself in your outfit. It should be loose enough that you can stretch properly but tight enough to keep you covered during more difficult poses.

If you feel self-conscious in a particular yoga outfit, you aren’t going to be likely to move further into the practice. The right yoga outfit can give you the self-confidence you need to stretch further, hold a pose longer, or breathe a little bit deeper. Loving yourself and your appearance can take time, so settle on something that sparks joy for right now.

Beyond this essential tip, here are a few suggestions you may want to keep in mind before class.

Make Sure Your Yoga Leggings Aren’t See-Through

The most common type of pants worn to a yoga class is definitely a quality pair of solid black leggings. This trend flatters almost all body shapes, sizes, and colors which makes it universally adored. Yogis need to be aware of how thin their leggings are and what they will look like when stretched.

Try to do a standing forward fold and see if your rear end is going to be on display in your yoga leggings. You might want to ask a trusted friend to help you decide whether the yoga leggings you want to purchase are going to be thick enough to wear to your upcoming yoga class.

Don’t Wear Very Baggy Shirts

Many yogis mistakenly believe that wearing a baggy shirt is the best option for their practice. These yogis reason that the extra fabric can help to hide a figure they aren’t quite happy with yet. Unfortunately, baggy shirts tend to gape and expose you completely during basic postures like the downward facing dog.

Keep Jewelry At Home

While your yoga class certainly may be a place to make a fashion statement, you don’t want to wear anything that could jeopardize your safety. Until you know what you will feel comfortable wearing, leave any jewelry and accessories at home. If you’re determined to wear them to the yoga class, be sure to leave them in your car or yoga bag when the practice begins.

Heading to your first yoga class can be extremely exciting and intimidating. With these easy-to-follow fashion tips, you can walk through the doors and unroll your mat with confidence.