The Meaning Of The Most Popular Asanas

Yoga is a healthy and a tad bit more comfortable way to remain in shape. Some various intensities and asanas can be adopted for the perfect routine. Yoga is not only for the body but for the cleansing of the mind as well. An ideal way to make yoga a part of life is to start with the necessary meditative steps and then move on to challenging asanas. Many of the asanas have been named after the various religious deities, animals, and mythological characters. Knowing the background of the pose can help in understanding the power that asana can give and the reason behind the physical movements of the asana. Some of the basic yet popular asanas have been discussed below:

THE LOTUS POSE: This pose is one of the most common and the initial pose that a person entering the yoga class will have to adopt. The lotus pose helps in initiating the body towards the rest of the yoga poses. It helps in allowing the right flow of energy throughout the body. It also helps in developing fluidity in the muscles and promotes flexibility. The lotus pose helps in preparing the body for much faster and more intense yoga like the Vinyasa series. The pose helps in regulating the breathing pattern of the body to a much healthier pace. It also builds breath controlling tendencies in the human body.

DOWNWARD FACING DOG: This pose helps in strengthening the body muscles. The specific areas that are targeted are legs and arms. It helps in stretching the leg muscles, the arm muscles, and the back muscles. It also helps in tightening the abdomen muscles because they get tucked in when stretching. It is a traditional pose because it helps in stretching the upper and the lower body all at once, thus ensuring flexibility and healthy blood flow throughout. 

THE COBRA POSE: The Cobra pose is one great pose. It is taught to be practiced by beginners as well as to those who are at more advanced levels. This pose helps in stretching the back and strengthens the nervous system. This pose at once stretches the back muscles and tightens the abdomen muscles. It stretches the spine and opens up the lungs and chest. It also helps in firming the butt and toning the thighs. It also helps in opening the knots in the shoulder and neck muscles. It is a famous and most-often used backbend pose.

THE CRANE POSE: This is a brilliant but advanced level pose. It is to be followed by some simpler asanas that help in strengthening the wrist and arm muscles. The pose requires the whole of the lower and the upper body to balance the arms itself when the knees have been folded into the abdomen. The asana strengthens the arm muscles, as well as tightens the stomach muscles and the wrists. It stretches the upper back. There are five preparatory poses for the Crane pose.