Let’s Face It – Anything Can Be Read from Your Face

You probably know that there are pressure points within our body that affect our organs. Just if you think of a headache, sometimes gently rubbing your temples helps alleviate the pressure built up in your head.

There’s more. If you’re ever suffering from a stomach ache, constipation or other digestive issues, try running your finger up and down from the top of your nose up the forehead. This technique is also highly effective with babies. It makes mine relax and fall asleep in no time Plus, I think that any time you gently caress your face, it calms you in so many more ways than just alleviates aches.

When stomach aches get to the point of unbearable, touch under your eyes, those are moreover the points of your whole digestive tract, kidney, and liver. In combination with rubbing the center of your forehead and sides of the cheeks, you should alleviate the initial pain if not more.

The nose and the area from the center toward your ears are related to your heart. While your lungs are connected to the area right beneath your nostrils. Even try touching these points when you’re feeling completely well. They should send tingling sensations to the parts of your body where the organs related to those points are laying. And, while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a luscious home-made face mask so your skin will also glow? Moreover, whenever you add a mask or a crème to your face, you do gently caress all those areas. So, just mindfully connect them and see what happens.

You know I love natural ingredients with everything I do. I also love to treat myself to short sessions of feel-well activities throughout the day. Here’s what you’ll need for a super hydrating mask so you know to add those to your grocery store list for next time you have a run there:

Half an avocado, it should be ripe. The oils from it hydrate your skin and help dry areas to recover faster.

1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. This will smooth your skin and tighten pores. Yogurt is packed with riboflavin, lactic acid, and vitamins B6, B12, and calcium.

1 tablespoon of honey. Honey naturally has antibacterial properties, so it will help you alleviate any breakouts that you might have.

Moreover, you can add a drop of lavender essential oil to the mix. It is great for minimizing breakouts and reducing redness.

I must warn you that it’s not the prettiest of homemade masks you can do. The avocado oxidases when it’s left on your skin for a little bit. Just tuck yourself to a quiet, cozy place, while the rest of the world will be able to enjoy your glowing face for long periods thereafter.

Plus, the massage that you give yourself while applying the mask on your face and a gentle wash after good 10 minutes will help you release any other pressure from your body.

This is a good tip for whenever you feel stressed. First, move your body a little. At least change your posture. Breathe in. Then massage your face. You might be surprised at how many ideas may come your way and how at ease the short mindful treatment might make you feel.